Thursday, November 19, 2009

My newest news

Yesterday, I was notified that I won a prize. It's the 9th annual Erskine J. Poetry Prize from Smartish Pace. I get $200 along with publication of my poem.

Yeah, it's only $200 (and the funny part is, I can't even remember entering this competition—I'm not exactly spending money these days; I can't) but it's very nice. It's especially meaningful because, as some of you know, I won second prize at the Nimrod and National Writers Union, been finalist at Discovery/Nation and numerous manuscript competitions, including the National Poetry Series, but I've never actually won anything — unless you count first prize for fifth-grade girls in the Yonkers science fair. So, yay me!

Other than that, well, I had plenty to say until now, but I can't remember what was so important. John is out at some Opera Guild cocktail party or some such thing but will be back soon. I am thawing out from my walk with the dog (okay, it was actually 52°, but I'm sensitive to cold) with a large glass of Charles Shaw cabernet. There are sweet potatoes roasting in the kitchen.


At 1:25 PM, Blogger Leslie said...

Congratulations! When will the book be out?

At 1:44 PM, Blogger Diane K. Martin said...

Well, just to be clear, this prize was just for a single poem, not a book prize. But in the meantime,the book is to be published by Dream Horse Press in the spring of 2010. I've sent the publisher my "finished" manuscript twice, and yet I'm still revising. I will be sending him the finished finished book in February, I think.

At 5:10 PM, Blogger Anne said...

Guess I'm a little late to the party, but - Congratulations!!

At 12:37 PM, Blogger Diane K. Martin said...

Thanks, Anne.

At 12:52 PM, Blogger Flash Paper Poetry said...

yay, Diane! I'm late too, I decided to clean out my favorites on the computer for new year's day- shann


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